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One of the common denominators of the young and healthy is the ability to be flexible and strong.

One of the characteristics of individuals as they get older and sicker is that they become less flexible, more rigid and weaker.

Flexibility and strength are a very interesting dual traits because we are born with them, and they can always be relearned. In our society, flexibility and strength equals youth and vitality.

By improving flexibility, posture automatically improves. Stretching daily allows the postural muscles to better handle the demands of daily living.
By improving strength, our musculature is better capable of supporting our spines and maintaning posture.

According to health educator Robert Cooper, “Posture is affected by, and affects, every aspect of our lives. Your state of nutrition, exercise, stress management, body fat control and mental development all depend on your posture. With good posture, exercise is more enjoyable, digestion improves, the mind is clearer, senses sharper and problems seem more manageable.”

Posture is one of the most overlooked secrets to better health and performance at any age. Posture is the window to your state of health. Every one of us has been told to sit up straight or stand tall by our mother while growing up. We would listen for the moment, than lapse into poor posture again.

The reason is simple: Poor posture is controlled by the proper alignment of your spinal column. A properly aligned spine will afford greater levels of flexibility needed for feelings of youth and vitality.

As part of your wellness plan to regain control of your health, it is important to include chiropractic care. It is time to take responsibility for your health. It is time for a new concept for health, wellness and vitality. The new concept is better health through better living.

If wellness, vitality, flexibility and longevity are what you want, adjust to the chiropractic lifestyle. It’s never too early or late to begin.

The "Straighten Up America" program was created at Life University of Chiropractic in Atlanta Georgia to help you stay flexible and avoid injury. It was designed to be done in all settings but especially in work or school environments where it can be done by groups and without sitting or lying down. Give it a try and share it with your friends and family. 15 minutes a day to a healthier spine and body! Click here for the PDF link to the program

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