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The biggest killer of them all is Complacency. If you want to live to 90, the best advice in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t stop and think about how your actions today will affect your life tomorrow. The 3 biggest obstacles to living 90 years are cigarette smoking, an inactive lifestyle and obesity. Here are some more tips on not killing yourself:

1. Eat 30% less. With about 300,000 obesity related deaths annually in the U.S. alone, The Institute of Aging found that consuming 30% fewer calories daily appears to slow the aging process.
2. Exercise More. In a sedentary world we need to find ways to stay active daily. Choose a sport or a form of exercise that you like and stick with it. Moderate exercise has been proven beneficial in reducing many health risks.
2. Drink less. Harvard researchers found that men who consume 2-6 drinks per week had nearly half the death risk of men who consumed 2 or more drinks per day.
3. Medicate less. According to the University of CA, medication related deaths increased 250% from 1983-93. Researchers at the University of MD found that “you’re especially at risk if you take multiple medications, see more than one physician or have prescriptions filled at more than one pharmacy.”
4. Stress Less. While stress is rarely listed as a cause of death, it is almost always an accomplice. Try reducing incoming data for one day each week. Declare one day as no new information day... No TV, no radio, no internet, no newspapers, no kidding.

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