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Is chiropractic safe?
Chiropractic is among the safest of the healing arts. Research confirms the simple truth that spinal manipulation (chiropractors prefer the term spinal adjustment) is safe and effective. The low risks of chiropractic treatment are reflected in the extremely low malpractice rates for the nation's doctors of chiropractic. Malpractice insurance rates for health care professionals across the country are directly proportional to the number of claims made against those particular groups by patients. According to NCMIC, the average malpractice insurance rate for doctors of chiropractic across the country is $1,500. For general physicians (MDs), rates range from $10,000 to $20,000--depending on the area of the country.

Patients report high rates of satisfaction with chiropractic care. A survey of patients of chiropractors in an independent physicians' association found that, when asked if they would recommend their Doctor of Chiropractic to others, 95.5% of the patients said "yes."

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